17.802 Quantitative Methods II

Recitation 1: Potential Outcomes Model (PDF)

Recitation 3: Regression Recap and Experiment (PDF)

Recitation 5: Inference and Power Calculations (PDF)

Recitation 6: Selection on Observables and Match-Makers (PDF)

Lecture: Synthetic Control Methods (PDF)

Recitation 8: Instrumental Variables (PDF)

(I thank Josh Angrist for allowing me to use his course material in recitations.)

Evaluations: 6.6/7.0 (Excerpts of Anonymous Comments)

17.800 Quantitative Methods I

Syllabus (PDF)

R Basics in One Page (PDF)

Handout: Mid-term Review (PDF)

Handout: OLS Estimators (PDF); for more precise explanations of OLS asymptotics, here's a handout by Colin Cameron

Handout: Regression Diagnostics (PDF, Data & Script)

Evaluations: 5.8/7.0 (Excerpts of Anonymous Comments)

Math Camp

Syllabus (PDF)

Slides 1 - Basics: Notations, Functions (PDF)

Slides 2 - Linear Algebra; OLS Geometrics (PDF)

Slides 3 - Calculus; OLS Asymptotics (PDF)

Slides 4 - R Session (PDF, Data Files): Simple Plots; Basic Parallel Computing; Accessing Remote Servers

(Slides borrow from Dustin Tingley and In Song Kim's math camp notes.)

Evaluations: 6.5/7.0 (Excerpts of Anonymous Comments)


From my awesome students:

Positive Political Economy

My Evolving Understanding of the Field: A Cognitive Map (PDF)